Philippa Hughes and David Bonck

Philippa P.B. Hughes and David Bonck

Philippa Hughes and David Bonck

Join DC cultural catalyst Philippa Hughes and talent development analyst David Bonck in the search to unlock answers and shift the entire way we think about the world of art and business.  The speakers will also facilitate a post-presentation workshop that will challenge you to bridge the art-business divide in your own life.

Slammed by global recession, creative and corporate economies alike struggle to rebalance.  But what the vast majority of artists and businesspeople fail to realize is that they hold the keys to each other’s success—and survival.

David does talent development for a global research, consulting, and technology firm.  He’s currently helping create an 18-month, Washington, D.C.-based leadership development program for emerging executives.

Philippa P.B. Hughes created the Pink Line Project to inspire creative thinking in everyone, to build community and connectivity, and to open portals to  art and culture for the culturally curious. Philippa runs a consolidated and searchable calendar of all things cool and creative in DC and writes and maintains a widely read blog that highlights the best of DC’s creative scene.